Brianda Cebreros

Hola amigo! 

My name is Brianda Cebreros, I am from an amazing city called Mexicali, located in the North of Mexico. I started my BJJ journey about two years ago in Dublin, Ireland and I can say it has been one of my best decisions ever. Also, I started my blog called Stay On Top BJJ.

I felt in love with this sport, just as you probably did. My journey has been an overwhelming experience, I got promoted to blue belt a few months ago and it was a really nice achievement (I won't stop training now that I got the blue belt, I promise). 

I am super excited (and anxious) because now I can offer some very cool and stylish Jiu-Jitsu products. Sharing a Mexican brand with you means the world to me. I really hope you like these cool products designed by Mexicans and Jiu Jitsu lovers.

Brianda Cebreros