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Today is a special day to honour dead people

Today is a special day, it is Día de Muertos (day of the dead). It might sounds crazy if you are not familiar with this Mexican tradition. This post is not about BJJ, but you can learn a little bit about mexican culture. All Mexicans grow up crafting and making altars for people who have died. Crazy, isn’t? But what do we do on this day?

Today is the day we honour our deceased loved ones. Don’t think it is a dismal day though, rather it is a special occasion to “spend time” with them. We usually go to the cemetery, we take some food, decorate the graves and have a family get-together there.

My favorite part of this celebration, beside the ‘pan de muertos’ (sweet bread), are the altars. These are ‘ofrendas’ (offers) which are used to honor the memory of a dead person. Every altar has countless different objects and each one has a meaning. Here is a picture to show what an altar is.

The day of the dead is very important to Mexicans. I wanted to share a little bit about my culture and our traditions with you. I encourage you to take time to remember your loved ones <3

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