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The day of my worst performance EVER!

We all have had good and bad competitions, I’ll tell you about my worst competition ever and what I learnt from it. This is not about BJJ, but I learnt a lot from this experience. I played Volleyball for ten years with my school’s team and sometimes representing my state Baja California. I always felt very comfortable playing in my position as a setter, it used to feel natural for me, my dad used to play the same position as well! One day, for some reason, I had to make a change.

After nine years playing volleyball as a setter, I had to learn a completely different position during my last year of University. Finally, a few months later, I started to feel more and more comfortable in the new position, as a libero. Then, I received an invitation to play in the National Championship with a really good team. Of course I accepted, I was ready to do my best.

The tournament took place in Aguascalientes, Mexico, a beautiful city, which I loved. I was so excited cause the level of competition was higher than the level I used to play. They were more experienced than me and we were playing to qualify to the Mexican League Volleyball and be one of the best eight Volleyball teams in Mexico.
The tournament started and we were ready. During one of the games, our setter was making many mistakes, so my coach had a great idea and he made me play in her position, as a setter! I was in shock, confused, nervous… Why he would do that?! I hadn’t played as a setter for a year. I know I did it for nine years before, but I wasn’t ready, I was shitting myself. He asked for the change and I enter to the court.

I made shit a mess, it was the most terrible game I’ve ever had. Not a good feeling at all, I looked like a beginner. All that just because I didn’t have confidence in myself. I was like this kid… NOT JOKING, IT REALLY HAPPENED! THE BALL HIT MY FACE! I was so embarrassed.
At the end of the day, I learnt something very important. Training and consistency is the key to good performance. You could be the most talented person in the world, but if you don’t develop your skills you’ll get stuck. Also, if you’re not committed to your training, when it’s time to compete you won’t feel confident, because competing is just an extension of training.

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