Brianda Cebreros

Phases before competition!

How do you feel in the days before your competition? I am pretty sure you have mixed feelings about fighting in a tournament. In my case, there are some of the mind-sets I usually go through days before stepping on the mat.

“I AM JIU-JITSU”. This is the stage when everything goes your way. Your strategy is on point, you can put it in practice while rolling and you hit the submissions you had in mind. You feel ready for gold, but then the next day you are thinking…

“I SUCK”. Suddenly, everything changes. You feel like you are doing it all wrong. Everyone is smashing you, one by one. You start questioning why are you doing this, is it worth it? And then, you are left in limbo.

“AM I ACTUALLY COMPETING?”. I think this is the worst one and the one I spend the most time in. You go training but you feel really chilled out. That could be OK at training, but not when you are extremely relaxed when you are about to fight.

Finally, it is normal to have different feelings, but don’t choke with emotion and you will do great!

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