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My first Irish Open

I recently competed in the Irish Open, which is one of the biggest tournaments in Ireland. I remember going last year to support my teammates and I knew I had to participate someday. As a foreigner I have to take advantage of living abroad and gain some international experience.

This was my fifth competition and I felt a bit different. I was way too relaxed, maybe not in the good way. Before my fights, I wasn't feeling like I was about to compete. I won in my division though, I had two fights and I got gold. It was great fun, but the best part of the day was the absolute division.

I think I went out of my mind. After my first fight, which I lost (of course), my coach told me something about one mistake, and I was thinking "Oh yes, when I was passing guard". But then they told me that I jumped onto my opponent's back, it was funny. I couldn't remember till they explained to me. I didn't even do a real jump, I just did a weird movement and fell, they just laughed at me.

To sum up, what I learnt, in the hard way, is not to do things in competition that I haven't trained for before. Also, tournaments are for having fun and enjoying. Don't take it too seriously if your not a professional fighter. Make fun of yourself and fix those mistakes.

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