Brianda Cebreros

How was fighting as a blue belt for the first time?

My first competition as a blue belt was so much fun. I felt the same nerves as my first fight as a white belt. But this time I didn't have that shiny white belt anymore so I felt like people expected me to do "something" more interesting, so I felt a bit nervous.

First of all, I would like to talk about the competition. This competition at Satori BJJ was made for those white belts who are competing for the first time or who just want to gain some experience. Nevertheless, they had the blue belt division going on too. So I decided to jump into this opportunity.

The biggest difference I found about fighting in a new belt division was not about the level of the fight. In my opinion, what was new is that now I know more about myself. As a blue belt, you start discovering your game. While training you learn tons of techniques but you're now able to understand what's suitable for you and what is not. Thus, you are able to choose what to try on competition.



What I can tell you is don't be afraid of competing for the first time in a new belt division. If you were promoted, it was because you deserved it. Trust your coach and most importantly, trust yourself!


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