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How I got gold in my first BJJ competition

The first time you do something is always exciting and you might have doubts about what’s going to happen. I just had my very first competition in BJJ and it was totally amazing, I had a blast!


The day arrived and I was there waiting in the queue for the weight in. That was the moment I realized it was real and I couldn’t avoid feeling something in my stomach, and it wasn’t the breakfast, I was really nervous. After the weight in I had to wait a few minutes, but finally they called me and I went straight to the mat.


When I stept in the mat I felt like if I was at my gym, just as my coach told me I should feel. I knew exactly what I needed to do, I pictured it in my mind a million of times. So the fight started, I was trying to figure out how to get the takedown and I got it, I was controlling my opponent and I ended up on top. I was struggling to get a submission but I could get it at the last seconds. Then my second fight was a bit more difficult but pretty much the same and I won by points.


When I was about to fight the final I broke out in a cold sweat. While I was waiting I saw my opponent and she was much bigger than me! I was fighting in heavy weight, which is not my division, but that’s another story. I tried to calm down and just think about my strategy. So we walked to the mat and a minute later I was fighting my first final match. I tried hard to get the takedown but didn’t work, she pulled guard. I won’t spoil the fight so you can watch it here. At the end of the day we got gold for Jungle BJJ! I was delighted but at the same time a bit disappointed cause I didn’t finish my last two fight, anyway, next time I’ll do better. So, that was my first competition in BJJ as a white belt and I can’t wait for the second one. Any feedback about my fights is welcome. Also, I would like to hear about your first competition! If you haven’t competed yet, tell me what are you waiting for? :)

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