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Better to be great at something

I believe it’s better to be great at something than average at everything. There is always a guy in the gym who catches everyone in triangles, or maybe guillotines. Whatever it is, there are some people who are known by certain technique, which gives them a huge advantage when they get the position where they feel comfortable. The best part about this is that in competition they already know what their strategy is.

I read somewhere that as a purple belt, you must have a couple of techniques that you are better than the average. I am not a purple belt, but I am aiming to compete at that level. That is why I decided to focus on some specific positions. That’s how I discovered crucifix position, I don’t know if it’s because of my body type, or because I am a mean person and I know how horrible is to be caught in crucifix. The point is, that’s my favourite position and I’ve been working on that for the last months. Now, I am able to get the position from different scenarios.



However, being good at something doesn’t mean that you are better than higher belts. But it means that you can have a technique which is way better than your current belt level. Even though I am not a black belt with years and years of experience, this makes sense to me. When you put your mind to something, you will have more knowledge than the average and you eventually have an advantage in that position.

As a not very experienced BJJ practitioner, I don’t feel under pressure to learn a ton of techniques from every single position. I don't have to be good at many things, I want to be great at one. That’s why I rather focus on something that will give my training a better direction.

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