Brianda Cebreros

Be ready for your first competition

The first competition can be intimidating. There are some points you should be aware before you jump into this new experience so as to make it more enjoyable for you. I will share with you what I have learnt from my little experience competing in martial arts and you might find it helpful.

Depending on the tournament, you will probably wait a long time. This can be a little bit distracting but if you are ready, you will find something to do while you are waiting to go to the warm up area. You can bring a book or watch videos, whichever you find interesting.

We always think that if we lose a fight, our coach will be disappointed, however I am pretty sure that they will be proud just because you step on the mat. When you do the best you can, it shows your effort and that’s what your coach will appreciate.

My volleyball coach used to tell us “Those girls (the other team) are the same as you, they have two legs, two arms, one head. They train just as you do, so don’t think they are superwomen”. I still remember this when I start thinking that my opponent is better than me. We sometimes think that our opponent has superpowers or something that makes them extraordinary. Relax, you’re facing someone similar to you.

This might sound rude, but it is true. If you win, people will congratulate you. If you lose, nobody will blame you, it is your first competition and even if it’s not, they don’t care that much. We forget that everyone has their own life and we are not the center of their world. And this can be applied to anything in life.

The first competition is for having fun and getting experience from it. I hope you found these tips useful and good luck with your first time competing.

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